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You can find out more about me at ryliejamesthomas.net

> Vague manifestoish thing

Me and ~

I only heard about tilde-things in September 2017!, though I had come across the concept of communal *nixes before.

I found Tilde.town when I was surfing round Mastodon profiles.

> Things I've Learned At Tilde Town


Game Making Tools
Tools and stuffs for amateur game makers.
Video Works Catalogue
Video toy thing.
Blueberry Soft

At ~

A public plot in Town.
rjt's tildpher | proxy
My Gopher hole. 'proxy' link uses Commons Host's proxy browser.
Little bashie to remind myself of commands.

Talk / Chats

You're welcome to contact me through t.t-mail or @rjt@makestuff.club or @rjt@tiny.tilde.website.

Feel free to talk to me about: