2016-08-17: I guess I made a somewhat informative page on owl kinds

2016-08-12: I added a page about @pkmnpoll, a twitter bot I run from tilde.town!

2016-07-24: I added a page for my gameboy camera photography!


Welcome to another of Sanqui's tilde.town homepages! This time around I actually put some effort into the theme. I hope you like it!

Looking for something that used to be here or just curious? You can find my older homepages here:

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Sanqui is...

I tend to dabble in a lot of everything! I quite enjoy hacking old video games. Sometimes I try to create stuff, be it art, music, or games. I also consider myself an amateur digital archivist (please throw old websites that need preserving at me!).

I'm currently studying computer science on an university in Prague.

I have had identity and perception issues in the past that I'm still dealing with, and they make me reluctant to truly open up about some stuff. That said, I'm happy to actually speak with people about these things, just not straight up put them anywhere. So, feel free to chat with me!

So, blog?

When 2016 started I promised to blog weekly. This didn't happen but, I do want to give it another shot, so stay tuned.

Contact me

In short, my email is gsanky@gmail.com (at least until I finally move from gmail). My Twitter is @sanquii. So is my Telegram. Actually my Telegram is @sanqui now that I snatched it. I'm also on a bunch of IRC servers, including tilde.town's. Hopefully you'll find a way to talk to me! :)

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