24 november 2020

Just reinstalled arch. It feels good knowing that your system doesn't have garbage stuff and orphan packages that weren't installed as dependencies. Also, if someone knows how to auto /who on weechat message me.

18 november 2020

Next week I have my first math exam, hopefully it will turn out alright. I bet I'm gonna lose a shitton of points just cuz I'll confuse a sign.

14 november 2020

Last night I ported my discord bot from python to golang, and holy moly if it is way faster.

25 october 2020

Welp, the girl ain't replying to my text... I guess she was just being nice then :'(

23 october 2020

2 days ago, on wednesday I went to a party for freshmen organized by some students at the uni. The event itself was kinda sad, the idea was that you had to go with people that you met in class to get to know them a bit more. No one knew that, everyone (me included) thought that we'd meet new people at the event itself. Apart from that it ended up being a nice evening.

I went with two of my friends that I knew from highschool, we hoped to get to know someone new there. When we arived they made us take seats outside in the open, the place was nice, really cool looking and it was infront of the castle in my city. The waiter brought us wine for the table, the starters and after that the main course. The early evening was alright, had some good conversation and we brought up some of our shared experiences, it wasn't bad at all.

After a while one of my friends wanted to leave, he had a bit too much wine and was kinda sleepy, so he left the two of us. I personally didn't want to leave until I got to know someone at that event, after all we went there to meet new people. Because I'm not the most confident human being in that kind of social setting I thought it would have been a good idea to chug down some more alcohol to relax myself, and oh boy if I was relaxed. Not so long after my friend left a guy selling roses approched us, he saw that we were looking at a table with some girls and was trying to convince us to buy them roses. We declined instantly as both of us were not that confident, but that didn't matter the guy still insited and insisted, because of that the girls at the table we were looking at noticed us. The rose vendor left after seeing that we wouldn't buy his roses, after a few minutes I decided to muster all my courage and stand up and go to the girls we were looking at, I think the fact that I was tipsy helped with that. I aproached the table and guess started with the dumbest shit I could have came up with: "Hi, I was wondering are you here for the event for the freshmen?". Like... everyone there was there because of that event, none the less it made for a good opening and I was able to have a long conversation because of that. After a few minutes my friend joined us and we started talking about some trivial things, you know just to make conversation. Everything was going well, we ended up being the last group to leave, we were pretty much the only ones at that bar. There was just one other girl from another table that was all alone, some of the girls noticed that and asked her if she wanted to join since she was all by herself. Even tho I'm pretty cringe in situations like these I guess the more the marrier. I gotta say, this girl that joined us was badass, she was a chinese girl that arrived in Italy a year ago, she spent all of the last year just learning italian and with just one year of experience in italian she decided to attend to an italian university. I was mindblown.

The evening was proceding quite well and I was glad I had the balls to talk to some strangers at a bar (like I said, not the most confident human being). By the way, remember that rose vendor that approached us earlier? That guy came back and asked us if we wanted to buy roses, this time I convinced my friend to buy some roses. He gave one rose to the chinese girl and because he wanted to be all smooth and stuff like that said: "And for you, because you're called Rose, I'll give you two roses". I thought that was pretty smooth but I was tipsy so I don't know if it actually was. The rose vendor after a while came back for a 3rd time, and this time it was my time to buy roses. The vendor was pretty convincing: "Look some of them don't have roses, buy some roses", yeah that sounded convincing to me at the time OK? Anyway, I bought three roses and gave them all to this girl that I liked. After a while I did another thing that I would have never done if not for the alcohol, I want you to picture this... a guy that is super cringe that is also short, very short (I'm about 1.60m and I have 20 y/o D: ), I decided to ask for the number, and to my surprise, she actually gave me her number, despite me being not very attractive and being visibly drunk (at that point I was), and it wasn't a fake number either, I call that a big W in my book. Anyway we decided to leave and take some pictures by the big fountain in front of the castle, after that we all left and everyone went home. I've had this number for 2 days now, am I supposed to text her when I wanna ask her out or even just now? You know, without alcohol is hard to make these decisions...

16 october 2020

Apparently every professor of every course feels the need of explaining from the begining how to convert from decimal to binary. This stuff is something you're supposed to do in highschool or even middleschool, they should just leave it as a requirement for the course and assume that everyone knows how to do this. It actually drives me insane.

12 october 2020

I really wish there were more episodes of WKUK...

10 october 2020

For our "Programming 1" course we'll be learning golang and I gotta say, I hate the fact that the K&R style is forced on me. Other than that it seems like a language that I could like, it looks a lot like C without the need to manually allocate arrays. We'll see if I'll grow to hate it or not.

08 october 2020

The first lessons at the uni were kinda boring, since there's a lot of people that don't even know how to move around the filesystem through a terminal... Hopefully we'll move faster in the following weeks.

01 october 2020

I gotta say, online classes when people are not used to it makes for some funny situations. There was a girl that forgot to mute her microphone on the first class and said "He's the programming professor but can't find a file on the computer". The professor was cool, didn't take it personally, still, some people should think twice before opening their mouths.

25 september 2020

My discord bot has been finally approved on top.gg and I realized, people will add anything to their discord servers. It is already in 60-ish servers even tho it only displays covid-19 stats.

I also started reading my text book for my driver license test, I enroled last october and I still haven't taken the test (procastinating). The thing for the test expires in december so I actually have to take the test. I don't even want a driver license but my parent said "but you need it for emergencies", yeah whatever I live in Milan, I don't have a use for a driver license, public transportation is very good here.

21 september 2020

A week from now I'll be starting my fist year of UNI. Wish me luck!

11 september 2020

My parents told me not to shave my mustache, they said I'd look bad... So I shaved my mustache and indeed I look awful.

17 august 2020

Dude, waited for 24h to test something and it bombed cuz I miss-spelled a varible, bruh moments. I guess it's really my fault, I could've tested the program in a way where I didn't need to wait for 24h but, meh whatever. I guess I should start using another editor that highlights variables named the same way, or install a plugin for vim that does something similar. The default coloring doesn't seem enough for me. If anyone has a suggestion for the extension send me an email :P

12 august 2020

Do you guys procastinate a lot like I do? I'm supposed to read my text book for my driver's license, but end up playing games all day or doing something else.

Also, do you have fucked sleeping schedules like me? For a while now I've gone to bed at something like 5 to 8am, and wake up 4pm. This mainly happens when I'm on vacation tho, so I suppose it's fine.

11 august 2020

Hi everyone, I'm mroik a new user here over tilde.town. I hope to make new friends over here, I enjoy coding and creating products that I'd personally enjoy using, if you ever wanna chat hit me up!