Don't expect well written entries. I use this as a "personal diary", it simply happens that I keep it public.

10 september 2022

Might end up going from vim to neovim. I want to be able to have rust hints using the build-in LSP support. For now I'll stick to vim tho, not having hints will help with remembering stuff.

08 september 2022

Couldn't bring myself to study for the exams in september, so now I'm trying to learn Rust instead. Might as well do that instead of wasting time playing DOTA. But this means I'm fucked if I don't do my exams in january...

21 august 2022

Yesterday I went bungee jumping. It was an amazing experience, the location was the Stockhorn lake, jumped from a gondola hanging over the lake. On the first rebound I tried doing a spiderman pose, but on the way down the rope hit my foot, I thought I was about to lose a shoe there.

After the jump when we returned there was a free beer (as is costumary with these sort of activities). When it was time to go back the gondola that was supposed to bring us back down to valley had technical difficulties, so we were stuck in the mountains for a while. Up there there was a restaurant that was close. Since it started becoming pretty late the bungee jump guys decided to open up the restaurant so that we could eat something (don't worry, apparently there was someone that worked there at the restaurant with us, we didn't just break in lol). The whole experience was surreal, really liked the whole "we're in this together" kinda vibe. Whipped out the cards and started playing.

By the time we got back to valley it was 11:30PM.

18 august 2022

On monday I started my vacation here in switzerland. I'm staying at Wengen in the Jungfrau region. Everything is so expensive over here (that much I expected tho), even transportation is 28€ a day.

I'm on vacation with my family, not ideal but can't complain. I wish to meet new people over here but in the evening there's litherally nothing to do here. There's something like 3 pubs, most of the clients are locals and no one my age.

The only local that is around my age that I met is the teller at the train station, actually she might even be younger, looked like she wasn't a day older than 19 y/o. Really cute, definitely out of my league, and not about to ask her when there are people in line (besides, it seems like she's new to the job, there's always a supervisor by her side).

On another note, on saturday I'm going bungee jumping. Can't wait. In Lauterbrunnen I also saw a bunch of people going wingsuit flying. Maybe I'll try getting into that next year lol.

17 july 2022

Yesterday I've experienced my first dab sweat. I hit my fattest dab yet. I was sweating for the next 30 minutes while sitting. The experience wasn't that bad, apart from the sweat everything else was normal. One of the guys broke the bong tho... sadge. It was on the floor near the table and he accidentally kicked it, when it hit the ground it broke into million pieces. I was thinking of gifting the owner a new bong. I don't really smoke on my own (actually, I don't even buy my own weed) so it could be an investment. I dislike smoking a joint, with the bong is somewhat different. It's easier to inhale, and it's fun hearing the bubbles.

18 june 2022

This thursday the painting I commissioned to my friend's cousin arrived. I still have to decide where to hang it. I'll probably post a picture of it once I decide.

04 june 2022

I try not to use spotify too much, mainly 'cause I don't pay for it. For now I'm fine with using it, with pihole the ads get skipped. The reason I don't want to use it too much is because I don't want to get used to it, for now I don't listen to music with my phone when I'm outside since the jack port is broken, but when I'm gonna eventually change my it I don't want to be used to spotify. I usually download the files, but some friends of mine decided to make a collaborative playlist and the easiest way was through spotify. So I wanted to use spotify from a terminal and found ncspot. I reccomend it to anyone that uses spotify and prefers TUI over GUI.

01 june 2022

With the new update for gajim the UI is now horrible. Who the fuck asked for a redesign of the interface... actually mad at whoever made this.

24 may 2022

Today I've been to "MeRLin Robotics and Mechatronics Lab" @ POLIMI. It was really cool, they showed us various robots they were working on, and explained some of the research that they were doing. This is one of the few times I wish I took engineering instead of CS (though I still prefer CS).

The reason they let us visit the labs was because of a git course we did for them (I was one of the speakers). This sets a precedent (for me atleast) in case other departments/student clubs ask us for private courses, I would probably try to make time for them, if I knew that their labs did some cool stuff.

19 may 2022

Last night I hung out with some friends and talked about "society" and its problems. Talked about various societal structures and their pro and cons. While it was nice to have a discussion about our own beliefs, I don't think most of what they believe is correct and/or feasible. Personally, I believe that in our world, if you want to stand on the top (coming from the bottom), you have to be willing to take from someone else. And if anyone talks about redistibution of wealth as a solution, they don't realize that, after that redistribution, the wealth will start moving back to those, who are willing to take from someone else.

03 may 2022

Heyo guys, I recently have been paid in monero (XMR) for a job I did, but I'm having trouble finding a buyer to cash out (I'm keeping it strictly p2p). If anyone from Europe in here, trusts me enough and would like to buy it off me it'd be great. I'm doing 1 XMR -> 204€ SEPA Instant payment.

26 april 2022

This year I was a volunteer at SWERC 2021-2022. I had lots of fun. On day one, registration day, we had to checkin every team, but only around 48% showed up, the rest came during the late registration the next day :/ . We had to check for allergies and give them their bags with the tshirts of the event (which they had to wear during the practice session and the actual contest), and a couple of pens. They could also submit a notebook up to 25 pages that they could use as reference during the competition. There were a few funny ones, the first is litherally a notebook with one page, it had a bash script with the flags for the compiler... Another funny one was when we asked a team if they had a reference to submit, and they were confused, after explaining to them what it is they panicked, "no one told us we could bring something like that", "if you don't have it is fine", "no, it's not fine, we need it". Fortunately there are multiple printing shops around the campus (this year SWERC was held at the Polytechnic of Milan). The last one that I remember is a notebook that had a vim config at the end of the notebook.

The teams were not the only ones coming in for registration day, there were the sponsors as well as the judges, one of which was Petr Mitrichev (https://codeforces.com/profile/Petr), he came back to the reception and asked me if he could have 2 more tshirts for his wife and daughter. I told him he could come back later after all the judges arrived since I didn't know if there were enough shirts. Later on I asked my supervisor if it was fine if I gave out more tshirts for the judges (there were 4 tshirts colors, yellow for the volunteers, black for the coordinators, green for the partecipants and red for the rest of the staff, tech team, judges, etc...) 'cause a judge that came with wife and daughter asked if he could have 2 more. "Ah Petr, yeah sure he's super VIP, he held first place on codeforces for many years", I didn't know who he was, after hearing that I felt so bad 'cause I denied him the tshirts on the first day... but more on that later.

During the 2nd day there was the opening ceremony and after that a break/late registration. And that part of the day was exhausting, the hall at the entrance was packed since only 48% showed up on registration day... Nevertheless we start registering everyone. By the end we had registered everyone except for a few coaches (that's fine since the only condition to compete was to be in 3 students). After the break the teams had to attend the talks of the sponsors (got a bunch of swag from the companies, 2 termos from Huawei, 1 for water and 1 with a filter for tea, a bag of the Oniro foundation, pencils and buttons from Bending Spoons, btw Bending spoons one of the few unicorns in Italy, and various stickers from everyone) while the halls were empty we started talking with some of the sponsors, more specifically the guys from bending spoons, HR was really nice, and the front end dev that came was really humble. After the talks it was lunch time, unfortunately the Bovisa part of the Polytechnic has 2 campi (see how I used the correct declension for campus lol), and the canteen was in the other one. So we were tasked with showing the way to the teams (but most of them ended up going on their own). I led the sponsors from huawei but halfwei (pun intended) to the canteen they asked me how far it was, and after hearing that it was a total of 15 minutes at walking speed they decided to eat at a diner nearby.

After that there was the practice session, and oh boy if we were tense for that one. When the clock reached the starting hour, the computers didn't unlock, everyone had the same problem for over 15 minutes, after the tech team broadcasted the updates to each computer they still weren't unlocking, after a while someone realized that for the update to take place we had to turn off the computers for 30 secs and then start them up, instead the tech team was rebooting them (remotely ofc). So I went computer to computer manually turning them off. After that some of the computers were not able to print, so many teams were not able to work on multiple problem sets at the same time (there is only 1 computer per team as of the rules). VSCode was also missing the extension for printing (I just told the partecipants to use a different editor to print, lmao). I was litherally sweating from the tension...

After the practice session they had their Q&A for actual competition and after taht a banquet at the Crowne Plaza hotel.

On day 3, entrance to the labs in which the competition took place was at 8 o'clock (I had to be there at 7:30, I had to wake up too early for this stuff). And at 9 the contest started, this time everything went as smooth as it could go. This time around I was placed in the biggest room, a grand total of 35 teams in one room with 3 competitors per team, 105 people inside + me and another volunteer (yellow tshirts). During the contest some of the staff would come inside and attach some helium ballons to the table of the teams based on which problem set they solved (a cute idea ngl, and helped out with spotting the top teams).

After the contest ended there was lunch, problems analysis and theclosing ceremony.

It was a fun experience and if they ever ask me if I want to volunteer again next year I'll gladly accept, that is if I'm not competing myself (this year I tried for selections at my uni but didn't prepare enough). If anyone here on tilde participated or will next year let me know, we could have a small meet up at SWERC next. year.

Oh one last note, at the end during the awarding of the medals, there was one of the coaches that looked so cute, and I wasn't sure if she was a student or a professor (see, at my uni you can attend as a coach only if you're a professor). So me and this other girl tried to talk with her but she was never alone, and we didn't want to ask her in front of her students. Then another volunteer came to us and asked what was going on, and after telling him he went and asked for us. We followed him, and when she said teacher and asked why, this guy said, "I guess he meant that as a compliment because you're pretty", I tried to make it less weird by saying young, but this guy threw me under the bus and insisted pretty, you should have seen the grin on his face. During that interaction it felt kinda awkward, hopefully that professor didn't take it the wrong way...

15 april 2022

Went to my friend's house yesterday, stayed over with a few friends. But it was nice meeting up after something like 2 months. It was the first time he had people over in the new house, I was really impressed with the way he and his roommate decorated it. It is really aesthetic (I wish anything of mine looked half as good as their house). Tried smoking weed out of a bong for the first time as well. First time I felt so high, not that I smoke often, I don't even buy my own stuff, plus, I suck at smoking joints (or anything cigarette like), so I never really felt stoned, atleast not too much. This time was different tho. Overall it was an enjoyable night (and another evening spent not studying).

03 april 2022

I met up with a friend I haven't seen in a while on friday. Talked about a bunch of stuff, and had dinner with her and then went for some drinks. Unfortunately she lives in a nearby town and not in my city, so she had to go before the station closed down. Had fun, she's a bit of a lightweight when it comes to drinking tho... Because of that I was worried for her when she had to go home. Fortunately she got home in one piece.

19 march 2022

Was thinking about switching to "victor-mono" in cursive for my terminal font. Right now I'm using "cascadia-code" mono in cursive with calt turned on. People keep telling me that they aren't able to read anything on screen but meh. I think it's pretty good.

For reference: https://github.com/rubjo/victor-mono and https://github.com/microsoft/cascadia-code

12 march 2022

This wednesday and friday I was the speaker at a git course for newer users hosted by the unix club I'm a part of. On the 1st day (wednesday) a whole lot of people showed up and they seemed to enjoy it. There were plenty of questions and almost everyone was following along.

On the 2nd day only a few showed up, I suspect it's because it was a friday and people had better things to do.

Nevertheless it was a success and I hope others will be able to properly use git for their projects.

27 february 2022

Yesterday a friend of mine had a party to celebrate her birthday and the end of the winter session of exams. We were 14 in total, 12 guests, my friend and her brother. Had a blast, we only drank and talked to each other but I got to meet new people so it wasn't "simply talking" (normally it'd get boring after a while). Also I'm glad that someone was taking pictures, I usually don't take any so I end up not having any pictures as remembrance. Slept over there and woke up with a light headache (I guess from drinking lol). Overall had a blast can't complain about my weekend. The only thing is I wish I could have been to my other friend's birthday (they were on the same day...), it looks like they had fun too. Well, I guess I can't have everything in life.

09 february 2022

Gotta love how the professors aren't consistent with the marks they give. People that have done similar implementations of the program given as an exam were not treated the same way. The current passing rate of that exam is 5%. Only 5% out of 98 students passed that exam, the previous exam had a similar passing rate. It'd be fine if the exam were simply too hard, but no, the professor isn't consistent with the grades he gives...

The worse thing is, it's not like he's giving low grades, no no, he's failing 95% of the students every time.

18 january 2022

Well, it's that part of the year again. Time for my winter exams at uni. Wish me luck :D (even tho it has nothing to do with luck...)

20 november 2021

Today my friends went out and I couldn't make it... the FOMO levels today were high AF. Saw their videos on the group chat which didn't help.

28 october 2021

I'm feeling a bit sick and the timing is unfortunate. Tomorrow we're supposed to go out and on saturday it's my friend's birthday party. I really hope tomorrow morning I'll wake up feeling well.

On another note, someone I know changed their domain on neocities and my need to know as much as I can about people (they used neocities as a diary) is killing me.

23 october 2021

I think I'm an actual dumbass. Yesterday I went out drinking, and even though I wasn't drunk I started texting werid stuff to this friend of mine... I'm not sure how she took what I've written, nonetheless, I'm a dumbass!

Today I also went out to eat with the same group of friends I went drinking with, but in a bigger circle. We were about 14 today. I checked the transactions on my debit card, it doesn't look too good for my wallet...

15 october 2021

Today I met new people at POuL that I've seen online on telegram. Went for drinks with them afterwards, was a fun night 10/10 would do again.

09 october 2021

Today I saw something that made me real sad... I know I shouldn't be, but it does really make me sad. I know I should be happy for this person, but it is hard...

29 september 2021

Today I visited The "Politecnico Open Unix LABS" with a friend of mine and met some of the members. It was a cool experience and their space looked really cool, cozy and messy, but great nonetheless. I think I'll visit them again, hopefully I'll get to know them more, and maybe get to learn from them. In my university we have nothing of the like, and while it would be great if someone started something similar (not me tho, lol), I feel like I wouldn't be able to learn enough from a newborn organization...

23 september 2021

On tuesday I got real drunk and I passed out... the feeling was horrible, worst part? I was outside with my school mates. I bet I was a nuisance...

18 september 2021

Today I was on a vc on discord with some of the students from my department, and while talking about various things one of them told me he realized that I don't show my social skills to others. He described me as an intelligent person with good social skills that tries to not show too much of myself, and pointed out that everyone else knew very little about me. I do admit I tend to not open up with someone if it's in a big group, and I'm not talking about the group as a social circle. I mean that if we're having a conversation and it is within a big group, it's unlikely that I'm gonna open up. If you want to get to know me it has to be 1 on 1, or at least in a group with a restricted number of people, further more, I'm not gonna be the one to open up first. I guess I do have a lot of social barricades that I raise up... That guy was drunk tho, maybe he was just blabbering nonsense.

Also, on the 27th I have an exam and I don't feel like I'm prepared at all. I'm thinking of not doing the exam this session and do it in January.

16 september 2021

Today the wire of my headphones broke. Instead of buying new ones my mom gave me a pair that were laying around that, she wasn't using and oh boy... these are noise cancelling ones (fairly standard nowadays) with a really good bass subwoofer. When she told me that she got these ones with the supermarket points I thought they were gonna be shit. I was clearly wrong. I have blue switches and I bareley hear my own keyboard. I guess I'm gonna keep these.

09 september 2021

Today I was leaving a review for the T470 that I bought on ebay, and I was typing away when I saw something that didn't add up. The sticker on the laptop said i5 7th gen, but on ebay it said i5-6300U. So I double checked with neofetch, and... I got a i5-7300U yay. I think they sent me the wrong laptop but alright shrugs. Got a better product so...

08 september 2021

Yesterday I got my first very own thinkpad, got it on ebay for 339€. It is a t470 with an a 6th gen i5. Finished configuring arch and all the software that I need last night. The only thing left to do is to make it real pretty, for now I'm using KDE's plasma. I use i3 on my home PC but decided that I can't use the bindings I'm used to with a laptop's keyboard, not really used to it. We'll see.

07 september 2021

Haven't written anything in a while. I have an exam on the 27th and as usual I'm procastinating (what else is new?). I also got to know someone new, she's gonna be a freshman in my UNI. A very weird person that does surf the obscure parts of the interwebs. She says she has social anxiety, and you can kinda see it (or should I say hear it) on discord. She doesn't really openly talk with people exept for 2 or 3 (if there's someone other than these 2 or 3 she just lurks). I wonder if she'll be able to talk to me in person the same way she does on discord... we'll see.

15 august 2021

It's already the 15th of August and I still haven't gone anywhere for a vacation... might end up not going anywhere.

04 august 2021

Finally got my 2nd dose of the vaccine, time to become a 5G cell-tower :D

21 july 2021

I started working as a developer for a streaming website. Gotta say, the JS that I wrote for the front end was awful. That part ended up getting rewritten by someone else. Was a let down...

12 july 2021

Italy champion of Europe!!! Allowed England to make a goal at the 2nd minute just for the suspense.

04 july 2021

Today I finally went out for drinks with my friends after a long time. Went to "La città del gioco" (The city of games), a place with a lot of tabletop games. After that we went to a pub. Overall it was a prety good night, the only downside was the amount of mosquitos... got eaten alive by those fuckers.

12 june 2021

Man, I think I'm getting depressed. I mean, seeing other people doing stuff on saturday evenings while I'm at home makes you feel not too good about your own social situation.

30 may 2021

Well, on saturday I got sorta drunk again. This time it was at a friend's house, we were about 14 (way above the limit imposed by the italian government). Was a fun experience, the place wasn't really big but it fit all of us. I swear, college kids drink whatever kind of alcohol there is, doesn't matter if it tastes like shit, they'll drink anything with alcohol in it. I guess I'm a bit of a lightweight compared to the others, also, tried weed for the first time, it sucked, I mean maybe it was just because it was a joint and I don't smoke, so no experience there. Maybe if I assume it from edibles i.e. brownies i'll be able to enjoy it, we'll see.

13 may 2021

Today my university fixed a bug in their booking system for booking seats in the laboratory. It sucks since I was abusing it to get a seat even if it said that there were no more seats left (that lab is never full anyway...). Good thing is that I just finished my script, so I don't have to worry about forgetting to book. If there's some other users that attend "La Statale" aka UNIMI in Milan checkout it out https://github.com/Mroik/Prenotazione-Automatica-Unimi you'll never need to worry about having to book a seat again, just put it in crontab as a daily task.

11 may 2021

Today I did nothing productive, all I did was watch anime. I have to start studying in a serious way or I won't be able to pass any exam this semester...

17 april 2021

So, because of covid the rooms at the uni can't be filled at 100% capacity,so if you want to follow the lectures in person you have to book before all the seats are taken. You can only book for the lectures 7 days prior (I guess it's to prevent people from booking every lecture of the semester and hogging all the seats). But I'm too lazy, so I made a script to automate the process. The school site's js code isn't obfuscated, so it wasn't that hard to make the script. Now I'm never worried of not having a seat in class, and I don't have to worry about booking one. I made the code open-source, I wonder how many of my classmates (or anyone from the same school) will stumble upon it. I wonder if someone will try to report it if they find out.

10 april 2021

Ok, it's time to start studying... haven't done that since the start of the semester (since March 1st). How long will it take for me to catch up? Starting monday no more DOTA and Netflix, take too much time.

30 march 2021

Well, the side of my face is not as big as it was right after surgery. That's good but I still feel like I can't eat properly, so far I've been eating mashed potatos every day... I like it don't get me wrong, but I'm getting tired of it.

27 march 2021

Well, got one of my wisdom teeth extracted, it was fucking painful. It hurt so bad the dentist had to use more anesthetic than the usual, I think I'm too sensitive...

13 march 2021

Today I went to the dentist for a visit 'cause my wisdom teeth grew. Apparently the top ones are fine (thank God) but the bottom ones have to go. It is expensive AF as well, I just hope that the post extraction won't be that uncomfortable.

01 march 2021

For the first time I went to a lesson on site instead of the online ones (today was the first day where it was possible to choose to do so), even though I'm pretty sure we're gonna go back to online classes. And tbh I wouldn't mind, it is way comfier from home. We'll see if I'll decide to go back to online classes next week.

06 february 2021

Well it has been a while. I passed my programming exam and i gotta say, I'm disappointed. I got 28 out of 30 when I could have gotten more...

21 december 2020

It's finally christmas season, so now I'm on vacation. I'll prolly gonna be spending it studing for tests.

16 december 2020

I played a bit with iptables and i couldnt connect to some services for some reason, later realized that i fucked something with it. Now everything is working fine.

09 december 2020

In case anyone was wondering, I didn't pass my driver license pre-exam, so they didn't let me take the actual exam. The thing that allowed me to take the exam has is gonna expire so I won't be able to take the test later on without paying more. Well, should be a good lesson about procrastination.

03 december 2020

Today I have the pre-exam for my driver license. There's no point in doing the pre-exam tho. I've procastinated so much that even if I dont feel ready I'll have to go the exam, regardless of how much I score in the pre-exam. Well, wish me luck!

24 november 2020

Just reinstalled arch. It feels good knowing that your system doesn't have garbage stuff and orphan packages that weren't installed as dependencies. Also, if someone knows how to auto /who on weechat message me.

18 november 2020

Next week I have my first math exam, hopefully it will turn out alright. I bet I'm gonna lose a shitton of points just cuz I'll confuse a sign.

14 november 2020

Last night I ported my discord bot from python to golang, and holy moly if it is way faster.

25 october 2020

Welp, the girl ain't replying to my text... I guess she was just being nice then :'(

23 october 2020

2 days ago, on wednesday I went to a party for freshmen organized by some students at the uni. The event itself was kinda sad, the idea was that you had to go with people that you met in class to get to know them a bit more. No one knew that, everyone (me included) thought that we'd meet new people at the event itself. Apart from that it ended up being a nice evening.

I went with two of my friends that I knew from highschool, we hoped to get to know someone new there. When we arived they made us take seats outside in the open, the place was nice, really cool looking and it was infront of the castle in my city. The waiter brought us wine for the table, the starters and after that the main course. The early evening was alright, had some good conversation and we brought up some of our shared experiences, it wasn't bad at all.

After a while one of my friends wanted to leave, he had a bit too much wine and was kinda sleepy, so he left the two of us. I personally didn't want to leave until I got to know someone at that event, after all we went there to meet new people. Because I'm not the most confident human being in that kind of social setting I thought it would have been a good idea to chug down some more alcohol to relax myself, and oh boy if I was relaxed. Not so long after my friend left a guy selling roses approched us, he saw that we were looking at a table with some girls and was trying to convince us to buy them roses. We declined instantly as both of us were not that confident, but that didn't matter the guy still insited and insisted, because of that the girls at the table we were looking at noticed us. The rose vendor left after seeing that we wouldn't buy his roses, after a few minutes I decided to muster all my courage and stand up and go to the girls we were looking at, I think the fact that I was tipsy helped with that. I aproached the table and guess started with the dumbest shit I could have came up with: "Hi, I was wondering are you here for the event for the freshmen?". Like... everyone there was there because of that event, none the less it made for a good opening and I was able to have a long conversation because of that. After a few minutes my friend joined us and we started talking about some trivial things, you know just to make conversation. Everything was going well, we ended up being the last group to leave, we were pretty much the only ones at that bar. There was just one other girl from another table that was all alone, some of the girls noticed that and asked her if she wanted to join since she was all by herself. Even tho I'm pretty cringe in situations like these I guess the more the marrier. I gotta say, this girl that joined us was badass, she was a chinese girl that arrived in Italy a year ago, she spent all of the last year just learning italian and with just one year of experience in italian she decided to attend to an italian university. I was mindblown.

The evening was proceding quite well and I was glad I had the balls to talk to some strangers at a bar (like I said, not the most confident human being). By the way, remember that rose vendor that approached us earlier? That guy came back and asked us if we wanted to buy roses, this time I convinced my friend to buy some roses. He gave one rose to the chinese girl and because he wanted to be all smooth and stuff like that said: "And for you, because you're called Rose, I'll give you two roses". I thought that was pretty smooth but I was tipsy so I don't know if it actually was. The rose vendor after a while came back for a 3rd time, and this time it was my time to buy roses. The vendor was pretty convincing: "Look some of them don't have roses, buy some roses", yeah that sounded convincing to me at the time OK? Anyway, I bought three roses and gave them all to this girl that I liked. After a while I did another thing that I would have never done if not for the alcohol, I want you to picture this... a guy that is super cringe that is also short, very short (I'm about 1.60m and I have 20 y/o D: ), I decided to ask for the number, and to my surprise, she actually gave me her number, despite me being not very attractive and being visibly drunk (at that point I was), and it wasn't a fake number either, I call that a big W in my book. Anyway we decided to leave and take some pictures by the big fountain in front of the castle, after that we all left and everyone went home. I've had this number for 2 days now, am I supposed to text her when I wanna ask her out or even just now? You know, without alcohol is hard to make these decisions...

16 october 2020

Apparently every professor of every course feels the need of explaining from the begining how to convert from decimal to binary. This stuff is something you're supposed to do in highschool or even middleschool, they should just leave it as a requirement for the course and assume that everyone knows how to do this. It actually drives me insane.

12 october 2020

I really wish there were more episodes of WKUK...

10 october 2020

For our "Programming 1" course we'll be learning golang and I gotta say, I hate the fact that the K&R style is forced on me. Other than that it seems like a language that I could like, it looks a lot like C without the need to manually allocate arrays. We'll see if I'll grow to hate it or not.

08 october 2020

The first lessons at the uni were kinda boring, since there's a lot of people that don't even know how to move around the filesystem through a terminal... Hopefully we'll move faster in the following weeks.

01 october 2020

I gotta say, online classes when people are not used to it makes for some funny situations. There was a girl that forgot to mute her microphone on the first class and said "He's the programming professor but can't find a file on the computer". The professor was cool, didn't take it personally, still, some people should think twice before opening their mouths.

25 september 2020

My discord bot has been finally approved on top.gg and I realized, people will add anything to their discord servers. It is already in 60-ish servers even tho it only displays covid-19 stats.

I also started reading my text book for my driver license test, I enroled last october and I still haven't taken the test (procastinating). The thing for the test expires in december so I actually have to take the test. I don't even want a driver license but my parent said "but you need it for emergencies", yeah whatever I live in Milan, I don't have a use for a driver license, public transportation is very good here.

21 september 2020

A week from now I'll be starting my fist year of UNI. Wish me luck!

11 september 2020

My parents told me not to shave my mustache, they said I'd look bad... So I shaved my mustache and indeed I look awful.

17 august 2020

Dude, waited for 24h to test something and it bombed cuz I miss-spelled a varible, bruh moments. I guess it's really my fault, I could've tested the program in a way where I didn't need to wait for 24h but, meh whatever. I guess I should start using another editor that highlights variables named the same way, or install a plugin for vim that does something similar. The default coloring doesn't seem enough for me. If anyone has a suggestion for the extension send me an email :P

12 august 2020

Do you guys procastinate a lot like I do? I'm supposed to read my text book for my driver's license, but end up playing games all day or doing something else.

Also, do you have fucked sleeping schedules like me? For a while now I've gone to bed at something like 5 to 8am, and wake up 4pm. This mainly happens when I'm on vacation tho, so I suppose it's fine.

11 august 2020

Hi everyone, I'm mroik a new user here over tilde.town. I hope to make new friends over here, I enjoy coding and creating products that I'd personally enjoy using, if you ever wanna chat hit me up!